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Membership Fee

The club membership fee has traditionally been static at £6 per year for many years and this is supplemented by a £2 per person monthly meeting fee.

To simplify club administration and support our financial processes, we propose to alter this slightly for 2023 and accordingly, the club membership for 2023 is expected to be £15 plus £15 as a one-off joining fee for new members. 

In this new fee, there is an inclusion of what we know to be an average number of attendances at club meetings, so in future, no £2 fee is payable for any club meeting attendance.

Hopefully, members will agree this is a reasonable and acceptable change and for the vast majority who attend 5 meetings a year, the cost over the year is broadly similar to present.

If you attend more than 5 meetings, you will in fact make a small saving. Please email any responses or questions you may have to, so we can ensure that there is a general consensus amongst members before this change is implemented.

(NCMD fee remains as at present, at £8 per member).

Membership Renewals

We will also be improving the membership renewal process and plan to e mail a membership renewal form to all members, prior to 2023.

This form should be completed (one form for each member), placed with your payment in an envelope with your name clearly written on the front and brought to the 5th January 2023 club meeting.

This form will also allow for the clubs preferred route to NCMD membership, so this can also be added, allowing members to renew club membership and pay for their NCMD cards at the same time.

The costs are:

  • £23 for Club Membership and NCMD fee combined.

  • £15 for Club Membership, if you are able to provide details or NCMD (or FID) renewal obtained by another route.

After the February 2023 club meeting, we will close membership renewals and then offer new memberships to those on the clubs waiting list.


For the small number of members who wish to renew for 2023 but aren’t able to access e mail, or print the form etc, there will be a manual process as an exception.


Please let us know as soon as possible if this applies to you so we can support you in completing your renewal - email:

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